Penhaligon's Alizarin Eau De Parfum 100ml   Spray - The Golden Galleria

Penhaligon's Alizarin Eau De Parfum 100ml Spray

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Oud has been widely used in fragrance in recent years, but perfumer Christian Provenzano has managed to take this well-known ingredient and turn it on its head with Alizarin. A truly original and sparkling scent, it wastes no time in announcing itself, with notes of mandarin, tuberose and mimosa packing a fruity-floral punch. As it warms up on the skin, the rich base notes come to the fore, with oud, leather and vetiver – resulting in a concoction that’s fit for an Egyptian queen (or Pharaoh come to that). Working with some of the finest ‘noses’ in the industry, Penhaligon’s often draw on their unique heritage with a dose of eccentric English charm, which has won them an army of fragrant devotees worldwide.

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