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Juicy Couture Oui Eau de Parfum

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In the world of 'Juicy Couture', making a statement is all about saying OUI (yes!) to the things you believe in: to love, to adventure and to your own edgy spirit. Just say OUI to the new fragrance from 'Juicy Couture'. Get hooked right from the start with the tart freshness from a fusion of Watermelon and Lemon in a special Water Lemon note. The chic sophistication of Jasmine Absolute paired with provocative Wild Tuberose creates an iconic duo while a modern sense of addiction is born through sleek Techno Woods. Just say OUI to an addictive energy and movement that doesn t stop.

Top notes: Water lemon, acai tea natureprint, pear infusion
Heart notes: Jasmine absolute, wild tuberose, dewy honeysuckle, natureprint
Base notes: Techno woods, amber resins, captive musks

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