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Jo Malone Frangipani Flower Cologne 30ml Spray

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Taking its name from the street number of the very first Jo Malone Boutique, the Jo Malone London 154 Cologne is imbued with British class and a sense of heritage. Carefully blended with a host of the brand’s signature ingredients, the cologne is an olfactory representation of their iconic townhouse studio.

Sparkling Mandarin Orange opens with a soft freshness that’s accompanied by Grapefruit’s zestier edge, leaving the scent with a surface made up of crisp contemporary style. In the heart, dreamy Lavender rests with a cool elegance and is joined by Basil’s peppery, aromatic presence. Together, they create a soothing, herbaceous layer to mellow any bubbling citrus. The fragrance simmers to a base of woody Vetiver that grounds the light and airy notes with a smooth, warming dash of Nutmeg.

Top Note: Mandarin Orange.
Heart Note: English Lavender.
Base Note: Vetiver.

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