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Cartier La Panthère Extract De Parfum 15ml Spray

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Behold the elegant Cartier La Panthere Extract de Parfum, an intense chypre fragrance that exudes elegance.

A must-try if you love the original La Panthere fragrance, the Extrait de Parfum amplifies the sensuality of gardenia and soft musks in their ultimate form, while remaining subtle on the skin. Stronger and more long-lasting, this passionate perfume pays homage the feline side of Panthere, unfolding beautifully on the skin and creating an air of feminine sophistication.

Wild but enticing, La Panthere glows with primal beauty. Radiant gardenia petals appear almost solar, whilst the smoothness of musk polishes off the feral side of white petals, intertwined in an magnetic chypre accord.

Notes: Gardenia, Musk

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