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Amouroud Agarwood Noir Eau de Parfum 100ml Spray

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Amouroud Oud Du Jour Eau de Parfum is a hypnotic and sophisticated perfume blended with the highest quality raw materials to create a long-lasting scent.

A process that can be compared to an oyster making a lustrous pearl, the making of Oud is a rare and natural phenomenon that happens when a tropical Agar tree (one of the most expensive timber in the world) is infected by a specific mould and reacts by developing a dense, dark and fragrant resin in the heartwood of the tree, as a protective mechanism. Some call it ‘liquid gold’, and Oud Du Jour lives up to its name with its uniquely rich, deep and intense base seamlessly integrated with its many ingredients into a delectably soft and sunny fragrance that pulls you in.

A single spritz unleashes rosy and slightly sweet top notes of Pink Pepper, Wild Raspberry and Persian Saffron, before giving way to a heart of Frankincense, Rose Absolute, Prune JE and Muguet du Bois and settling on mystical musky accords of rare Indonesian Oud, Black Amber, Patchouli and Gaiacwood. Subtle enough for daytime wear, yet possessing a singular longevity, Oud Du Jour is oud at its most wearable. Presented in a sleek black glass flacon with a gold-tone top and plaque for added luxe.

Top Notes: Persian Saffron, Pink Pepper, Wild Raspberry.
Heart Notes: Olibanum, Rose Absolute, Prune JE, Miguet du Bois.
Base Notes: Indonesian Oud, Black Amber, Patchouli, Gaiac.

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