The Golden Galleria

'Shopping is an expression of love, an essence of happiness. From strolling the store for the best fit, to ordering; the excitement of waiting for your purchase to arrive, to finally opening and wearing it; all boils down to self-love, care and happiness; something that everyone deserves in the world'. Aqsa Tariq (Co-founder, The Golden Galleria)

On the other hand, Fehar Jallu (Co-founder, The Golden Galleria) lives by the mantra - shopping should be convenient and not be tiring. It is about the experience as much as it is about getting the right products at the right price. 

The Golden Galleria was born when two friends grew frustrated by having to stroll through various stores to find their perfect match to happiness.

Fehar wanted his perfect white T-shirt. High quality, not too loud, but without spending hundreds of pounds. The perfume obsessed Aqsa on the other hand, wanted to find the perfect deal to add another Chanel N°5 to her already extensive collection of perfumes. It was a time consuming and expensive experience; the feeling of happiness quickly changed to stress and justifying the worthiness of the purchase.

It is then Aqsa and Fehar vowed to make this experience of shopping easy and bring back the lost excitement in shopping. This is how the idea of setting up the Golden Galleria was conceived. A one-stop store where you can find all the best products from around the world at amazing prices; a guilt free trip to your personal shopping basket. 

We at the Golden Galleria work with a mission to bring you happiness, whether you find it in buying your favourite beauty brand at an amazing price, bringing you the soft touch of Pashmina from the Himalayas, or in ‘RAH’ your and Fehar’s perfect T-shirt. For us, it is all about YOU.


Aqsa & Fehar